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  • De Yturbe Arquitectos:
    Embracing Middle East Infrastructure & Property Opportunities


    José de Yturbe of De Yturbe Arquitectos, an architectural firm attending the marcus evans Infrastructure & Property Development MEA Summit 2011, highlights the construction opportunities in the Middle East right now.

    Interview with: José de Yturbe, Partner, De Yturbe Arquitectos


    There are many opportunities in the Middle East for constructing infrastructure and property developments, says José de Yturbe, Partner, De Yturbe Arquitectos. The lack of affordable housing for growing populations will open up new avenues for the construction of real estate and infrastructure. From an architectural firm sponsoring the marcus evans Infrastructure & Property Development MEA Summit 2011, in Dubai, UAE, 2 - 4 May, de Yturbe talks about infrastructure and property developments in the Middle East, sustainable building methods and his vision of the future.

    What are the infrastructure and property development opportunities in the Middle East today?

    José de Yturbe: Even though the financial crisis has slowed down the construction and demand of new projects (specially high end projects), I think there are a lot of opportunities in the low/middle housing market, due to the increasing demand. Places such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia offer good opportunities.

    What green building methods would you recommend?

    José de Yturbe: The US Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) rating system is a good place to start, for those who are serious about green and sustainable constructing. Out of all the systems and criteria for sustainable building, LEED is the most well known certification.

    What are the financial benefits of going green?

    José de Yturbe: Clients are more conscious of the environment.  I think “green projects” will sell better and selling prices for this type of projects will be higher than projects without a green or sustainable certification.

    What will it take for a dramatic improvement of the environmental and sustainability performance of the region?

    José de Yturbe: Governments, developers and architects have to have a bigger commitment to sustainability. I think there should be stricter rules for sustainable and green building construction and they should force all projects to have a few green characteristics.

    Governments should begin to design their own environmental and green guidelines. One good example is Abu Dhabi: Vision 2030, Estidama, etc. Sustainable, green knowledge will be more important.

    What is your vision of the future?

    José de Yturbe: We are confident in and betting on the potential the region has to offer, specifically Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The lack of affordable housing will have to be addressed soon. A deeper commitment to sustainable projects, alternate energy, etc.

    Do you have a final piece of advice?

    José de Yturbe: Even though the financial crisis significantly affected the real estate market, be patient. As you know real estate has its cycles. It will eventually pick up.

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    About De Yturbe Arquitectos

    For over forty years De Yturbe Arquitectos has been one of Mexico’s leading boutique architecture firms, with more than 200 projects that have become icons worldwide and include resorts, residences and corporate and administrative buildings. Overseen by founder José de Yturbe, the projects encompass from master plans to interior design and landscaping, and are carried out by a young, talented and passionately committed team focused on interpreting the client’s vision and needs. While respect for timeframes and budgets is paramount, so are the conservation of the environment and the integrity of structures. A vocation for beauty and the immersion into the culture and architecture of a given place combine to create unique designs thoroughly related to their context. 
    The studio has received several awards and its works have been published extensively in specialized international magazines.

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